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I am active as a board member of User Modeling Inc. and was between 2007 and 2015 chair of ABIS, the German SIG on Adaptivity and User Modelling in Interactive Systems.

I serve as General Chair for the upcoming UMAP 2017 conference and was General Chair for the Hypertext 2016 conference. Further, I served as Program Chair for Hypertext 2014 and as Poster and Demo Chair for IUI 2015. Earlier, I served as Publicity Chair for CHI 2012 and have been involved in the organization committee of several other conferences.

I also reach out to the community and the general audience via tutorials, talks, interviews and articles.

Recently, I started to blog about my research activities. Stay tuned!

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Privacy Engineering, User Modeling, Personalization, Recommendation, Web Usage Mining, Data Analysis and Visualization, Usability, Evaluation

Dr. Ir. Eelco Herder
Associate Professor
Human-Centered Computing Group
Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
The Netherlands