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My main research area, and the associated research community, is the field of user modeling, adaptation and personalization. A fair number of my publications deals with the problem of how to characterize and predict revisitation on the Web, and how Web browsers can better support this activity. Several of our proposed mechanisms can now be found in regular Web browsers, and some key publications have been awarded by the WWW, HCI and Hypertext communities.

Driven by the projects and collaborations that I have been involved in, the application areas of my research have been extended to various related fields, including social media, technology-enhanced learning and mobile, ubiquitous computing.

My wide research interest is centered around human-computer interaction. In particular, I am interested in how users interact with programs, how they search for information, and how the return to places where they have been before.

I am fond of conducting user studies, from the early design to the final analysis, to find out typical interaction patterns, differences between users, usability issues and points for improvement. Improvement may be reached by better user interace design, possibly making use of personalization, based on a user model.

My main qualifications include extensive knowledge on user interfaces and Web personalization; programming skills in various Web languages and Java; conducting experiments and statistical analysis; data mining and graph modeling.

Practical skills include experiment design, basic statistical analysis, regression, factor analysis, classification, clustering, information visualization and probabilistic modeling using various programs and APIs such as SPSS, Excel, MatLab, Weka, D3.js and Gephi.

Honors and Awards

2011 Engelbert Best Paper Award at the Hypertext 2011 Conference

2007 Honorably Mentioned Paper at the CHI 2007 Conference

2006 Best Student Paper Award at the World Wide Web 2006 Conference

2006 Best Paper Award at the Mensch und Computer 2006 Conference

2005 James Chen Family Best Student Paper Award at the User Modeling 2005 Conference.

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Privacy Engineering, User Modeling, Personalization, Recommendation, Web Usage Mining, Data Analysis and Visualization, Usability, Evaluation

Dr. Ir. Eelco Herder
Associate Professor
Human-Centered Computing Group
Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
The Netherlands